Thursday, May 31, 2012

29wks, 30wks, & 31wks

Still not a lot to report here, which is good. I'm all for an uneventful pregnancy and delivery please. We're still waiting on our kitchen to be complete and it's driving me nuts. I managed to finish hemming the curtains for the baby's room last weekend and they look really nice in the room. Doug has been working on the chiffarobe and replaced the mirrors with cork-covered board inserts. I was able to hang the baby clothes we have in there. He has to finish the drawers but it's 85% done. All in all the room is mostly complete, just a few small things to finish up but the big things are done. It's a really happy little room and I like to go in there and sit in the rocking chair. 

I had a doctor's appointment last Tuesday and I was still unhappy with my weight gain, around 22-23 lbs. Ugh. My doctor didn't make mention of it but I cringe every time I step on the scale. Luckily my blood pressure is still really good and I haven't had any foot/leg/hand swelling (yet). I vacillate between being a little tired and wanting to do a million things at once. I can't tell you how lucky and thankful I feel for having such an easy time so far, I keep waiting for something crazy to happen (but please don't). People ask me how I feel a lot and I'm honestly able to say that I feel fine. It's getting harder to get out of bed/off the couch but other than that I'm feeling good. 

Our childbirth class is next weekend and then my hometown baby shower is on the 23rd. We got our first registry gift last week, a Pack and Play from my very generous former boss. Our 'plan' is for baby to sleep in it in our room for a little while, of course we have no clue how it will all work out until the baby is here.Who knows where he/she might actually sleep. My workplace is generously giving me six weeks off (we're a super small organization and don't have enough employees to qualify for FMLA) so I'm kind of 'nesting' at work too to make things easier for my co-worker, who is going to help my boss while I'm gone. Because I'll be gone during the time we normally work on publications and publicity for the High Holidays I'm trying to get as much of it as possible done before my due date. 

I'm sending many positive thoughts and vibes to some of my fellow IF'ers who have just gotten BFP after some heartbreaking losses. I'm crossing my fingers for strong, rising betas, and healthy pregnancies for all of them. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

27wks & 28wks

Still here, distracted by home improvement projects though (which you can see on my other blog). I don't think anything too exciting happened in week 27, which was good. I had my 28 week appointment last Tuesday and it went well. I only gained a half a pound. We also got another ultrasound, which was pretty exciting. Baby was moving around a lot and is taking up a lot more space than it was at the 20 week ultrasound. He/she is also head down. My doctor also used the 3D feature on the ultrasound machine for a minute and we got a few fuzzy glimpses of baby's face, you can see the photos on the ultrasound tab. I know this sounds a little vain but I swear baby has my nose and cheeks. I pulled out a few of my baby photos and compared them to the ultrasound photos and they look pretty close if you ask me. My doctor says the baby is weighing 2lbs. 10 oz. right now and usually they double in size, if not a tiny bit more than that. It's so unbelievable to us that one of the microscopic embryos that Doug peeked at through the microscope in November now weighs close to 3 lbs. and has a nose and cheeks! I have a feeling that next 12 weeks will fly by rather quickly. Baby moves around a lot, usually in the mornings when I'm at work and after I eat. Sometimes I can feel a hard spot and I wonder if it's a foot or a hand. Still having Braxton-Hicks, most of the time in the shower in the morning and any time I stand for several minutes at a time.

In other preparatory news, I preregistered at the hospital we want to use and we've registered for a childbirth class in June. The nursery work (mostly details) is at a standstill right now until our kitchen is finished (hopefully a few weeks from now). The big things are done, it's just the smaller stuff that needs to be addressed. My best friend picked a date for the baby shower in my hometown, again so weird that *I'm* going to have a baby shower.

As much as everything is going well, I can't shake just the tiniest bit of fear from my mind. Because truly you never really know until you have a healthy, alive baby in your arms. I'd say my fear levels hovers around 10% or less. I do have faith though that we've made it this far and hopefully we'll make it the rest of the way.