Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's next

I didn't mean to totally abandon this space but life has gotten in the way and so has writer's block. Life has been pretty busy since our sweet boy's arrival. Since he came right around my busy work season I was working pretty early on during my maternity leave. Then I started back to work after six weeks with the baby and it's been almost impossible to update either of my blogs. 

Having a newborn is hard, but it's not nearly as hard as the years we spent waiting and wondering if we'd ever get here. Infertility has not been magically cured now that we have a baby, we're still infertile. I still bristle at pregnancy and parenting complaints that people post on Facebook. I still feel a tiny bit bitter towards people who get pregnant so easily and don't realize how lucky they are when there are so many women who want to be in their shoes.

I don't really have an intention to blog about parenthood, singularly at least. On my other blog I'll mention it (whenever it gets updated) but I don't want that to be the sole thing I talk about. I'm leaving this space as is and I'll  probably post some periodic updates. I'm curious to see what my FSH and AMH levels do in the future. I wonder if they'll continue to decline or hold steady? We have only briefly discussed the possibility of trying for second baby. We don't have any frozen embryos so it would have to be a fresh cycle and we have to have to funds to attempt IVF again. We would both love to have another child but I almost feel like I was so lucky to have an uneventful pregnancy, an easy delivery and a healthy child that I don't know if we should tempt fate again. We have a little  time to think about it though. Right now we're spending almost all our time enjoying the baby we wished so hard for.

I'm hoping everyday that the bloggers I have been following will finally get their positive tests, their high betas, their strong heartbeats, and their take home babies.