Monday, August 2, 2010


So last Tuesday my RE's nurse called with my protocol, it's going to be a different one than last time, thankfully. He's going to have me on DHEA and Bravelle and something else I can't remember, but no Lupron. On Thursday AF shows and I call the RE's office to let the nurse know so I can get my BCP prescription and start the 21 days of that. Well, later that afternoon the nurse (same nurse from earlier this week) calls me back to tell me the lab will be shutting down for two weeks during my cycle period so we'll have to delay starting the IVF cycle until my NEXT cycle in a month. The nurse was very sweet but OMG I *just* talked to her on Tuesday and she knew my cycle was about to start could she have not mentioned the lab shutting down then? Is this the end of the world? No. But is it aggravating to have to wait another month? Yes. Especially since they already have their money. Sigh. 

It seems like with infertility you're always waiting, waiting on blood test results, waiting for AF to show, waiting to have an ultrasound, waiting, waiting, waiting....

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