Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tick tock

It's currently 5dp3dt (or it will officially be at around 12:45PM since that's about the time my transfer was).

Waiting, the most fun part of IVF! I read this blog post at Team Baby last week and it really hit home because I feel the same way. When you're stimming you're getting feedback every day, you kind of know what's happening in your body and stuff is happening. Once the transfer happens there's basically nothing else that can be done and you don't know what the hell is happening in your uterus, it's total lack of control. 

Everyone asks how I'm feeling and physically I feel fine, pretty much normal, but emotionally I'm a crazy person. My behind is awfully sore from the PIO shots and one side has gotten lumpy. I had the progesterone and estrogen check on Monday; my progesterone was 92.5 and my estrogen was 2320. Symptom-wise there's pretty much nothing happening that can't be attributed to the progesterone/estrogen. I have had cramping the last two mornings right when I wake up but that could be attributed to nervousness/anxiety/all that guacamole I ate. 

I'm probably going to be POAS before my beta because I would just prefer to know in the privacy of my own bathroom that it failed or it didn't. There's something about a nurse telling me it's negative that sets me off into uncontrollable sobbing. In my opinion it's better to have an ugly cry in my house than out and about in the world. I have not yet informed Doug of my plan but I'm pretty sure he knows after Monday I'll starting peeing on every home pregnancy test I can find. 


  1. I know how you feel... all the appt before the transfer help with our nerves then nothing ! I'm 4DP5DT at the moment... and had wondered about POAS on Monday too, but have my beta on Thursday next week... so long to wait. Thinking of you in your 2WW xoxo

  2. Agreed about POAS before the beta. I would much rather find out privately than rely on a phone call. Thinking of you as you wait.

  3. My fingers are crossed for you that the 2ww goes by quickly, and that this is a positive. It's a hard call on to POAS or not but it sounds like you've thought it through and reached the right conclusion for you at this point in your journey. Good luck-thoughts and prayers with you.

  4. Hope that the rest of the TWW goes quickly and that it works.