Tuesday, June 26, 2012

34wks & 35wks

Things I can't believe sometimes: 
- IVF #3 actually worked
- We're 5 weeks (give or take) from meeting this tiny little person who's stretching my belly out to weird configurations
- There's really a baby coming & it's ours

Last week I had my 34 week appointment, the seeing that doctor part was pretty uneventful but the waiting room was a zoo. My doctor has a private practice, it's just her, and her waiting room seats about 11 people snugly. On Wednesday I walked in and it was standing room only. Until I realized one woman had her purse in a chair, which she eventually moved so I could sit. There was a super loud grandmother there with her pregnant daughter and her 2ish year-old  granddaughter who was running around the tiny waiting room like a lunatic. There was also another loud couple across the waiting room who was having a conversation with the loud grandmother. Right after sitting down the 2 year-old ran and planted her face into my lap and then proceeded to bite my knee through my dress until her grandmother pulled her off. Fun times. After that I got to listen to the ramblings of the loud couple and the loud grandmother until they each got called back. I think that was the longest I've sat in the waiting room. When I finally got back to see the doctor everything was fine, my BP is good, weight isn't that bad(still more than I'd like though), baby's heart rate is good, etc. My next appointment is at 36 weeks (next week) and I'll get the Group B Strep test (not looking forward to that). I don't really know when (or if) my doctor does internal checks, my best guess would be that I'd get one next week while she's down there...

Over the weekend my best friend threw me a baby shower in my hometown. It was so nice, it was at a local restaurant and she and her mom did an amazing job putting it together. Our family and friends were extra generous and we got a lot of useful baby things. I can't tell you how weird it was to be at a baby shower for me instead of someone else. It's even weirder that now there's a whole lot of baby things in our house for us, not waiting to be gifted to other people but for us and our baby. Amazing. Doug's department is also throwing a shower for us on the 12th and I can't wait to see him open baby presents. 

This Sunday we're having some maternity photos done at our house. I went back and forth for awhile about having pictures done and then I thought this might be the only time I'm ever pregnant and if that's the case I want to capture that you know? So a friend of my mine recommended a couple who do very nice work and they're coming Sunday. It won't be anything cheesy or silly, just us and this giant bump of baby : )

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