Friday, July 20, 2012


We're getting so close! My weekly appointment was Tuesday and there was no change but she said the head was still very low. I've had some light cramping off and on but nothing awful. I also feel more pressure down below when the baby rolls around. 

Last weekend we got a lot of odds and ends done. Doug installed both carseat bases and put together the stroller caddy and the giant swing (which I'm sure we'll be thankful for later). I made another couple of freezer meals and a few batches of frozen cookie balls that just have to be stuck in the oven and baked. This week we had a cleaning service come and clean the house and I'm so glad we spent the money. 

Speaking of money, we got our first dose of how expensive childcare is. We went on several daycare waiting lists in March. We got in our number two pick shortly after. It's a great program, it's just no. 2 because it's further away from our house so we'll have to drive a little bit out of the way to take the baby there. Anyway, I called our no. 1 pick to see where we stood on the waiting list and we're third on the list, but there's only one spot so it looks like we'll be using the place we have a spot at. So the place we'll be sending the baby has a dayschool so it runs like a school, starting in August, running through May, etc. We found out that we have to start paying the full tuition for the months of August, September, and October, even though our baby can't start going until twelve weeks, which will be around the first of November. I was pretty upset by this, Doug isn't as upset about it as me. On one hand I'm so glad to have a spot at such a great place, but on the other hand I feel like we're essentially having to throw away a substantial amount of money for no services. I guess this is normal protocol but we really didn't realize it. Plus it stings to have to shell out more money when we're still trying to recover from all the IVF expenses. Sigh, I think it's always something though. 

We're still very excited and I'm hoping for an uncomplicated delivery that gives us a healthy, happy baby. 

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