Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Halfway point! Grateful, grateful, grateful. Still a little scared thought but mostly happy and grateful. We had a good appointment with the 'big' ultrasound yesterday. Our baby looks great, he/she is head down, wiggling around and using the placenta as a punching bag. We saw the heart, brain, kidneys and stomach and he/she moved his/her arms around a lot. My doctor noticed that I have a low-lying placenta, It wasn't covering or even partially covering the cervix it was just very close to the cervix. She did say that 90% of the time it resolves itself the further along I get, fingers crossed.  Doug told her to make sure she said that again because I would go home and freak out about it. He knows me too well. She told us when to close our eyes when she was looking at the bottom bits since we don't want to know the gender. We got several profile shots and a few shots of a baby arm and hand and a tiny baby foot. After looking at the profile shot I swear this baby looks like my brother (ultrasounds pictures can be found top right under the "Ultrasounds" tab). Oh and I did gain 5 pounds, eek. I have to start paying better attention to what I'm eating and lay off the Easter candy/Girl Scout cookies. More protein and less sugar.

My 'new' symptoms are going to the bathroom all.the.time. and a lot of tossing and turning at night. I bought a body pillow at Target over the weekend and that's helping but it takes up a lot of bed space, poor Doug, between the pillow and the cats he's barely hanging on to the side. We're finally getting in to gear about childcare, we've sent in applications/waiting list money to two places and we're going to visit a third next week. Our #1 pick is right by our house which would be super convenient. The other two are really good too, but they're further out. At this point we'll just be lucky to get a spot at any of the three. Baby will be with me at my office for at least 3 months but he/she will need to be in daycare soon after. I think it'll all work out, we have a plan b, a plan c and a plan d but I hope we won't need those.

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