Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This week, depending on what site you ask, baby is either the size of a mango or an heirloom tomato. Which still seems pretty small. I still feel good, no scary events this week (thankfully). I am getting rounder and it's starting to look more like I'm pregnant and not just on a food binge. I've been lax about going to the gym since last week, after the scary incident I wanted to lay low for a little bit. Since Daylight Savings time starts this weekend it'll be easier for me to go walking in my neighborhood after work. I am a little fearful of my weight gain because of the no-gym and the Easter candy I've been putting away (darn Cadbury mini-eggs). I just need to do better in the coming weeks. 

I'm not all-the-way in maternity clothes but I'm wearing them at work almost exclusively. I got three dresses from and then a friend lent me a few more and they are sooo comfortable. Plus it's been so warm here I've been able to ditch the pantyhose. Hallelujah. 

I still haven't felt something that I would call official movement. I have had a few weird feelings, something akin to having a belly full of water but no thumping/kicking or the 'butterfly' feeling some people describe. I hope that doesn't mean anything is wrong.

One thing that is giving me concern is that we got a bill from our RE's office for things I don't think we should be paying for and I'm fighting it. The long story is we have a $5,000 lifetime maximum for infertility treatments/testing from our health insurance. Our first IVF cycle was in 2006 so that lifetime maximum was met in 2005/2006. Ever since then we've been self-pay for infertility treatments. Sometimes our insurance will pay for ultrasounds or blood work but usually not. Anyway, our clinic, which we have been patients at since 2004, has a slightly cheaper rate for people without insurance coverage if you pay the entire cycle cost in advance. So in 2010 when we did our second IVF cycle we pre-paid the fees several months before the cycle started. Of course that cycle was the cycle that ended in a chemical pregnancy. Fast-forward to August of 2011, in preparation for our third IVF cycle, we again pre-paid the fees for IVF (our cycle didn't start until the end of October). Well after our cycle ended I noticed I was getting EOB (explanation of benefits) from our insurance company about claims that had been filed by my RE's office. I was confused but thought maybe it was ultrasounds or bloodwork. Well in January we got a bill from my RE's office for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1300. Some of it for the bloodwork/ultrasounds following our positive beta and some of it for surgery, lab fees, etc. from our IVF cycle. I was highly upset because I thought that just like in 2010, everything was covered when we pre-paid. I called the office's billing department and when I told the woman my name she said "Oh yes you're insurance stopped covering your IVF cycle" to which I said "Um, we don''t have IVF coverage". It turns out the billing/insurance company called our insurance company to check for coverage (I don't know why we've had the same exact insurance for nearly nine years) and the morons at our insurance company said yes but didn't mention that we had already met our lifetime maximum. This led our clinic's billing/insurance department to file claims, which our insurance company denied and then our clinic subsequently billed us for. Needless to say I'm pissed that we did the same IVF cycle that we did in 2010 (ICSI, AH, etc), with the same insurance, pre-paid the same amount and they still think we owe. Argh. I called the billing person again today and she was going to talk to the administrator and my RE and get back to me. Obviously I can't put any amount of finally being pregnant but holy crap we've paid that clinic upwards of $40,000 over the last seven years and I hate to pay more.

On a lighter note, we're planning a vacation in April to New Mexico if everything goes well. We'll be driving, which we really like to do, and hopefully going to Santa Fe, Taos and maybe a few other small places around there. I'm really excited to drive west again and maybe my current condition won't cause us to to have to stop every five minutes.

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