Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Drug Store Dining Room

All my medications came, save for two oral meds I'm waiting on, and there was a massive amount of boxes. I have alcohol swabs and needles for days, plus a shiny new sharps container. All the boxes are sitting in the dining room, waiting for me to have enough time to put everything up. Which means I need to spend a few hours cleaning out the linen closet in my bathroom so I have a place to put it all.

Yesterday we went to the clinic for our injection 'class' (just the nurse-coordinator and us). Awkward moment in the waiting room when the nurse called for 'April' and there was another April. Shockingly, Bitch-ceptionist was slightly (only slightly) less bitchy than usual. During our 'class' I found out each night I take Bravelle I'll be using SIX vials of it. Now granted they aren't huge vials but SIX every night for at least nine nights?! Yipes. I had also repressed memories of Progestrone-in-Oil shots until I was reminded of them and how big the needles are. My bum is going to be sore.

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