Thursday, September 30, 2010


I feel like the title of this song, which is one of my favorite covers. Ultrasound this morning, lots of abdominal pressure. Nurse called and the plan is stay on the same units of Bravelle and the oral meds. I go back for another ultrasound Saturday morning and hopefully the retrieval is on for Monday. My belly is sticking out and I bought another pair of yoga pants at Target this morning. I've been spending my day off beached on the sofa writing papers. 

I'm trying really, really hard to walk that thin line between being optimistic and trying not have a broken heart. I want it to work so badly but I want to be prepared if it doesn't. The thing is that if it doesn't work life still has to go on. I don't really have to time to mourn. I have a full time job that I still have to go to and I still have three classes to pass. In a way I suppose it's good, at least I'll be so busy I won't have time to wallow.

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  1. I'm really keeping all my good thoughts on you! I hope tomorrow and monday go well. see you tomorrow night?