Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Stimming report seems to be okay, at least as far as I can tell. They weren't very specific when they called but I had an ultrasound this morning and my left ovary had several follicles (I'm assuming they're actual follicles because the nurse said they weren't antral follicles anymore?) and my right had at least three. When my coordinator called this afternoon she just continue on with the same amount of Bravelle, the Letrozole, the Dexamethosone and the DHEA (not to mention the doxycycline and the prenatal).

I'm starting to feeling sluggish and bloat-y, hello elastic waistbands. I also feel like I could eat a bear. On a typical day I have a bowl of vegetable soup and a side of baby greens for lunch. Today I ate a slab of leftover meatloaf and corn and still had room for an apple. Now I'm hungry again. As my high school friend Drew used to say, I feel like a heifer.

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