Monday, December 13, 2010

HSG Part Deux

Since we're doing IUI again and you need your fallopian tubes for IUI to have a chance of working, Dr. K told me I needed to have another HSG test. The first one I had was six years ago, shortly after our first appointment with Dr. K and it showed not blockages. I had that one done at the women's hospital next to Dr. K's clinic. A lot of women have severe cramping/pain/bleeding after the HSG but luckily I've only had minor cramping so it's not too big of a deal for me to have the test.

This time around, my clinic suggested I go to a new diagnostic clinic about 25 minutes away. I was skeptical since the women's hospital is 5 minutes from my work but the nurse said everyone was raving about this new place. So I figured it was probably fine and made the appointment for last Friday. The clinic is in North Mississippi which is an interstate ride away. I made it to the clinic in time, after getting lost after I got off of the interstate. The clinic is within sight of the local hospital but it's in an office building that looks almost industrial. This did not instill confidence in me. My insurance does not cover this either so I got the privilege of paying $530 out of pocket for the experience. When the nurse called me back and took me to the room she had to make sure I wasn't pregnant, in fact she needed my clinic's negative HCG test from a weeks ago faxed over to her to confirm. Even after I explained I had had a miscarriage, AF was just last week and it was not physically possible for me to get pregnant on my own. After I said that she then told me she had IVF twice and recurrent pregnancy loss, which was nice of her to share I guess. After they got confirmation I was indeed not pregnant then I got to shed the bottom half of my clothing and lie on a table the width of a plank waiting on the doctor. One thing that bothered me was that their table/machine didn't have stirrups, which made it pretty awkward during the test. It made concerned that maybe they weren't doing enough of these to warrant a table with stirrups. After waiting in a super uncomfortable position on the plank for what seemed like eternity, the doctor finally arrived. He was nice but kept explaining in detail every little thing, which is fine for some people but I had already told him this was the second time I had this test. After it was over they made sure the pictures were good and sent me on my way. They didn't really say if there was any blockages so I have to wait until Dr. K reviews them and confirms the tubes are clear.

I'm hoping for this cycle to start before New Year's because I'm not 100% sure the clinic isn't closed for the holiday. I was going to give them until the end of the this week before I called to pester them about the test results and ordering my meds.

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