Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You know you're weird when...

AF finally returned yesterday! Hallelujah! Is it weird I wanted to make that make FB status? Yes? Yes. I made the call to the RE's office and left a message to find about two things. One, will the next cycle (December/January) be the cycle we can start trying again and two, when can I schedule the HSG test. They called me back and said yes, we can start trying at the start of the next cycle (December/January) and I can go ahead and schedule my HSG test. I want to go ahead and get the HSG out of the way as soon as possible so there are no 'surprises'. My tubes were clear in 2004 so hopefully they are still clear. Since we can start next cycle we have some financial adjustments to make in order to fund the thing. I'm just glad we're moving forward again.

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