Monday, October 4, 2010

Running out of veins

So no retrieval today. I went in for an ultrasound Saturday and my lining is good and the ovaries look good too. Continued Bravelle on Saturday night and was instructed to take Ganirelex on Sunday morning and then come back in for another ultrasound and bloodwork. Again my ovaries and lining look good but my estrogen levels were a little low so I had to go this morning for another blood draw. I'm running out of non-punctured veins, yesterday the phlebotomist had to use a tiny vein by my wrist and it hurt like a sonofabitch. At this point we used the last of the Bravelle last night so I'm assuming retrieval on Wednesday. I certainly hope so because I feel like a whale right now. 

Saturday morning I took Doug with me to the clinic because we planned on going for breakfast afterward. We were there for over an hour, which I understand because on the weekends they're working with half the staff they normally do. There are a lot of people cycling right now so that adds to the longer wait. On Saturday there were not one, but two couples with small (like two-year old) children running a muck in the waiting areas. My clinic has a big exterior waiting room and then when they call you back you go to a much smaller waiting room with five chairs. I always leave Doug in the big waiting room because there just isn't room in the smaller one for every patient and their partner. Other people do not adhere to my belief and bring everyone in their family back there. The father of one of the small children was a grade-A jackass and did not understand the concept of the 'indoor' voice. He loudly announced to everyone that his kid 'was born here'. While that's all well and good can you at least have the common courtesy to realize not everyone wants to be subjected to you and your child? It can be really painful for those of us who have not been successful at our attempts to start a family. Not to mention he was just obnoxious and loud about everything. I wanted to murder him with my bare hands. Of course that could also be the hormones. 

I'm kind of on the verge of an emotional breakdown, I even had a big, ugly cry on Saturday regarding some family issues. I'm doing a lot of deep breathing and I wish I had time to go to yoga but even if I did I don't know how much I could do right now with the egg basket I'm sitting on. Namaste.

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