Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now we wait

dIUI #1 is complete. We got to the clinic around 7:30AM yesterday morning and then waited for the sample to thaw, which took about an hour. We've done this before so it wasn't too unfamiliar for us. The donor counts (post-wash) were 44 million with 50% motility, which seemed low to me but the lab said it was "perfect". It took maybe five minutes and then the nurse had me lay down for fifteen minutes before we could leave. We spent that time cracking jokes and Doug kept finding objects in the room he could utilize in his woodshop (rolling stool, high powered gooseneck lamp). When we went home I situated myself in the Viparita Karani yoga pose until my back hurt. Then I just took to the bed doing the Maude Lebowski. Will any of this help? Probably not, but it made me feel like I was doing something. I asked about taking progesterone but the nurse said I didn't have to, which surprised me because the last IUI we did I was on progesterone during the 2WW. Ah well, I'm not a medical professional. At least not being on progesterone if I 'feel' any symptoms I'll know they're real and not induced by meds. Again I find myself trying to be optimistic but the realities of IUI working after IVF are pretty slim. But we shall see.

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