Saturday, January 22, 2011

Son of ....

Argh. I started spotting Thursday night and then full-fledged bleeding/cramping Friday morning. This was a full eight days before AF normally starts and only ten days post-IUI. I called the clinic and let them know we'd be sitting this next cycle out. Nurse called me back and said that the early AF could be attributed to the fact that my lining was so thick, which is good for implantation, but if nothing implanted the lining probably just shed sooner. Hmmph. I really thought this might be it because of the symptoms/feelings I was having. Stupid uterus. Stupid old eggs.

We'll sit next cycle out to try to recover financially from the $3,000 we just dropped on this cycle. Hopefully, provided nothing ridiculous happens, we'll cycle again at the end of February.

F*cking infertility.


  1. Ugh!! #$@% AF! She's a wicked wicked one. Sending you some good thoughts for the next cycle. I hope ICLW week brings you lots and lots of support!

  2. Oh man:( I'm so sorry. Sending lots of good vibes your way for your cycle at the end of Feb.

  3. So sorry to hear that! crossing my fingers for your next go-round. I know this process can be exhausting - so taking a break from it, whatever the reason, will do you some good, I'm sure. :-)
    PS - your other blog made me hungry and that's detrimental to my diet! (I have been trying like heck to kick my baking habit in favor of losing a few pounds) darn you! ;-)