Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I didn't post last week because I got busy and truthfully (and thankfully) there wasn't much to report. Today I had an appointment and everything went well. Blood pressure is good, gained a little more weight (eek), baby had a good strong heartbeat. My doctor gave me the instructions for the gestational diabetes test, which I'll have at 26 weeks. She also gave me a packet of information on the hospital we'll be delivering at, which seems crazy (crazy that I'll actually be delivering a baby). 

I'm still doing well, nothing new to report. Although I have been feeling more and more of what I assume is movement. It's still rather subtle, maybe like a turn or a roll. It feels slightly odd but not in bad way. I'll be really happy when they get strong enough for Doug to feel. I've really been craving ice cream and strawberries recently. Strawberries are coming in to season here so they're popping up at the grocery and they look so good. I haven't been as active as I should be lately, which is probably why I gained more weight. I have to get back in a exercise routine, I don't mind gaining healthy weight, I just don't want to gain more than I can loose. 

We've been working a lot on our house, purging, (hired) painting, etc. We hope to paint the baby's room next week. I ended up ordering the crib and changing table last week because the changing table was on back-order until the end of July almost everywhere. I felt like I was tempting fate by ordering it but I did it anyway. They came in pretty quickly and are living in their boxes in our storage area until after the room is painted.

I can't say enough how surreal this still is to me but I'm trying to enjoy every second since this very well could be the only opportunity I have to experience pregnancy.

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