Thursday, April 26, 2012


Another week speeding by. I had my gestational diabetes test/appointment on Tuesday. The glucola stuff wasn't too terrible, per my doctor's orders I ate some scrambled eggs and canadian bacon for breakfast (no carbs) and then drank the glucola. It made me a little flushed but not nauseous thankfully. Lucky for me my number was normal so I passed the test. 

I had a pretty quick appointment with the doctor, unfortunately I gained 3.5 lbs since my last appointment, despite going to the gym every day last week. My doctor said I'm just a little above what she'd like to see but she didn't seem very bothered. She asked me about what I was eating and she made suggestions as to what to replace those things with. I probably eat the worst on the weekends, donuts, dining out, baking, etc. But through the week I have a pretty decent menu. She thinks the issue is too many carbs, which makes sense. I eat Kashi granola bars a lot and greek yogurt, which has protein but still a lot of carbs. She suggested I eat low-fat string cheese, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs (I really don't like eggs), raw almonds, use low-carb wraps instead of bread for sandwiches, etc. I told her I'd been eating a lot of raw strawberries and she said a few is fine but because they have a lot of natural sugar I shouldn't eat too many. I joined BabyFit (the same people that run SparkPeople) and it's been helpful. I've also cooked every night this week, expect for Tuesday, which also helps. I just really, really don't want to gain too much weight and not be able to loose it. Although I'd much rather be overweight and finally have a baby than still be without a baby and what I weighted prior. 

Everything else is fine, blood pressure, etc. My doctor did confirm what I described were Braxton-Hicks and they're totally normal. My next appointment is in two weeks and we'll have an ultrasound then. I can't believe I'm almost in the third trimester and we'll be going every two weeks from now on. The baby is moving around a lot these days. I've started to be able to feel the difference between kicks with feet/legs and kicks with hands/arms, it's a surreal feeling. We registered for a childbirth class in June, honestly the actual birth part has been the last thing on my mind. I'm not that concerned about it right now but I know we should probably get a little knowledge on how everything will go down and tour the hospital we'll be at.

Some days I'll start thinking about the reality that there is a tiny little person inside of me and I start crying. We aren't at the finish line yet but it's so close and I'm taken aback by the emotions I feel when I think about where we started on this journey and where we are right now.

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