Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thank God for Valium & Dr. Edwards

Retrieval is on for tomorrow. We have to be at the surgery center bright and early at 7:00AM. Last night Doug gave me my trigger shot, which didn't hurt as much as I had feared. I also started to take Estrace, which is an estrogen pill. They didn't tell me why I should take it but my I assume it's because my estrogen is lower than they'd like it to be. I was instructed to take a home pregnancy test this morning to make sure the HCG had been properly absorbed. It was very odd seeing an actual positive one, all the tests I've ever taken have been void of a second line.

I'm getting anxious, so thankfully I have the valium to take tonight before bed. There are so many things to worry about, Will they get enough mature eggs? Will they fertilize? If they do fertilize will they make it to day 3? Will the transfer go okay, etc. One hurdle at a time is what I keep telling myself. Plus I have no control of what happens after the eggs are out. All I can do is attempt to relax and take care of myself.  

In other IF-related news, the Nobel Prize was awarded to Dr. Robert G.  Edwards, one of the pioneers of in Vitro Fertilization. Of course it was awarded thirty-two years after the birth of the first 'test tube' baby. The sad part of the article was this “Unfortunately he is not in a position to understand the honor he has received today,” said Dr. Michael Macnamee, director of the Bourn Hall clinic and a longtime colleague of Dr. Edwards. Sad.

The news yesterday led to a other media outlets reporting stories of IVF, which I thought was nice. Then I started reading some of the awful comments from people, especially after this CNN story. Then I realized some people are just assholes. 

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