Monday, October 11, 2010

I know you have a little life in you yet

Today is two days past our three-day transfer. Saturday morning we went into for the transfer. We were the only people having a transfer on Saturday so we had the surgery center to ourselves, which was really nice. The nurse was great too. Doug and I got to spend some time together waiting for the RE and the embryologist to come in for the transfer. After emptying and refilling my bladder (fun!) and taking the valium (way more fun!) Dr. D, who is the third doctor in our clinic's practice, came in to talk to us. As of Saturday we still had 9 embryos, three were 8-cell, grade 2, which I think was pretty good, and the other five were so-so. After talking to the doctor and based on our previous failed IVF cycle and my elevated FSH levels, we decided to transfer the three best ones, the 8-cell, grade 2's. Doug and I had talked before about transferring three but I assumed because of my age they wouldn't let us, but they did. So yes, there is a chance of triplets, but it's a risk we're both willing to take. After we decided to do the three, the embryologist had to do Assisted Hatching on the third one before the transfer started. Shortly thereafter Doug got suited up in scrubs and hairnet and we went into the surgery room. Doug got to sit and hold my hand during the transfer, which was only uncomfortable because my bladder was full and there was a speculum. Apparently the pathway to my uterus was a little curvier than she expected so it took a little longer to get them transferred but they got in there. Afterwords, we got the petri dish they'd been growing in and pictures of them, which is totally surreal. 
I had to lie flat for 30 minutes after so I tried to find some 'appropriate' embryo transfer music on my iPhone. But is there really an appropriate soundtrack for an embryo transfer? I settled on this song from Kate Bush, which is in the movie "She's Having a Baby" which I thought would be a good omen. It also makes me bawl every time I hear it

After I was cleared, I got loaded up in the car, driven home and made our bed my fortress. I spent most of the bed rest knitting, watching terrible television and playing on the computer. Saturday and Sunday I had visitors, phone calls and text messages and it meant so much. This IVF cycle has been different from the last one in a lot of ways, but the biggest different is the overwhelming amount of support we've felt. There hasn't been a day that's gone by since I started this cycle that someone hasn't asked me how I was doing. Having that kind of love and support has meant so much to me. 

Tomorrow morning I go in for estrogen/progesterone blood work so hopefully those numbers will be good. I'm taking estrogen twice a day and the progesterone shot at night. We'll also find out tomorrow if any of the leftover embryos made it freezing or not. If we had just two make it to freezing I'd have a better peace of mind, but we'll see. My HCG bloodtest will be on the 20th. Instead of nail-biting and fretting I'm doing a lot of deep breathing and positive thinking.

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