Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Highs and Lows

It's Wednesday. It's 4dp3dt (that's four days past a three day transfer).Yesterday morning I went in for blood work to check my E2 and progesterone levels. On the elevator up two ladies told me how nice I looked and they really liked my dress, yay. Upon entering the RE's office I was met not by the regular sweet phlebotomist but instead by the world's angriest phlebotomist. My veins are c r a p p y and this lady was not nice to them as all, she totally slapped my arm until it was red and then tied that pressure thing around way too tight. Wench. The nurse called me yesterday afternoon to tell me the blood work was fine and continue the estrogen and progesterone. She didn't give me the exact numbers, which is probably better because I would have spent hours obsessing and Googling what they meant.

On the sad front, the embryologist called yesterday afternoon to let me know none of the embryos were able to be frozen. I was pretty upset about that even though we knew the chances of having any left was pretty slim. She did reiterate that they transferred the three best ones and they looked better than our previous embryos. So there's that.

Emotionally I'm trying to hang in there. Last night I went to my knitting group and was surrounded by nothing but love and support. However I still came home and had an ugly cry in the bathroom. I felt flooded by the overwhelming possibility that it might not work and fractured my heart a little bit more. Eventually I blew my nose and wiped my puffy face, got my shot and went to bed. 

Physically, I'm really sleepy, which I'm guessing is from the hormone overload my body is receiving. I'm also feeling tiny ovary pangs, maybe they're shrinking back down to size? To top it all off, I got three zits yesterday which is kind of what led me to my ugly cry because I always breakout before my period starts. Must.stop.obsessing.

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  1. honey you are pumped FULL of hormones. don't worry about the tears or the zits, they come with the territory!

    i'm so proud of you for doing this and am here for any ugly cry. god knows i do it. :)