Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trying to look for the bright side

I've been making a list of things to look forward to in the coming weeks, in an effort to refocus my attention from all the sadness and heartache. First, I'm signing up for a six-week Meditation course at local yoga studio that begins in two weeks. I think it will be really beneficial for me to learn to relax and give my mind balance.

Then we have tickets to Iron & Wine on November 14th. I love, love, love Sam Beam and this will be the first time I've gotten to see him live.There's Thanksgiving and hopefully I'll be able to gather all my family together at our house for it. Our Seattle trip is about a month away, we leave on December 2nd for four days in my favorite place. I cannot wait to see our friends, eat at Volunteer Park Cafe, shop for yarn at Little Knits, take the ferry to Bainbridge Island and see the Olympic Peninsula again. This is my fourth Seattle trip and I fall more in love with it every time I go. When we get back it'll be the last week of school and then I'll be done until next semester so I'll finally have my early mornings and late nights back for awhile. It'll be Christmas decorating time soon too, as well as Peppermint Mocha time at Starbucks (even though I prefer local coffee shops I make an exception during PMT).

Our appointment with Dr. K is still on for November 10th, we're working on a list of questions to ask him about what the hell to do next. I'm hoping he'll be able to give us some promising information. We're really hoping he'll say that we could have success with IUI or IVF. If he suggests donor eggs it'll be the end of the road. We both decided that donor sperm + donor eggs might as well just go on to embryo adoption, plus its cheaper. We also want to ask if we should try another donor, if that would make a difference. My biggest concerns are he'll tell us I have more of an egg quality issue than previously thought or poor embryo quality or give us really low success rates for IUI or IVF. We'll just have to wait and see.

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