Thursday, February 2, 2012


Note: My husband and I are currently expecting our first baby after 7 years of infertility and 3 cycles of IVF. I have been writing blog posts since we found out but not publishing them until now (I’m currently 13 weeks). I’ll be posting one a day until I ‘catch-up’ to current time. I ask that if you know me ‘in real life’ that you not post about this on Facebook, because while we are ecstatic to be this far, we are still being very cautious.

Written January 4, 2012

So I called the doctor Tuesday afternoon because I knew if I didn't get everything checked out I would start imagining the worst possibilities. The nurse called me back late in the day and told me my doctor didn't think it was anything to be worried about but to come on in Wednesday to make sure. Cue the panic mode. Of course I was in worry-freak-out-mode until my appointment. When I got there the waiting room was full of largely pregnant women. And the office is pretty small so when they were called back in the exam room I could hear it when the doctor pulled out the Doppler and heard their babies thunderous heartbeats. Not a great feeling for me. Eventually the nurse called me back and took my weight and vitals (no weight gain). Bless the nurse's heart she was so understanding and sweet. I went into the exam room and Dr. D came in and gave me a quick check, she didn't see anything alarming but she did an ultrasound to see what else was in there. Thank God there was still our tiny little fetus moving around more than last week and looking less compact, the little arm and leg buds were clearer, and he/she was measuring 10wks3days. Heartbeat was good, I think she said it was 165, based on what I read the heartrate starts to decrease now and will then level out the further along I get. She did find a tiny spot of blood in my uterus, but she said it was so small it might either get reabsorbed or if it comes out it will probably be tan because it's so small. I also still have some fluid on my right side and my left ovary is still pretty big. All in all, she said while spotting/bleeding isn't normal it's common. I take that to mean that while they don't like seeing it, that it happens a lot without a bad outcome. I still feel like every day is a little victory, I hope and pray we can make it to the 12 week mark, even though I know that the risk of miscarriage/fetal demise doesn't completely disappear the risk does go down some at that point. I also hope and pray our NT scan will be normal. 

Since I've been on high-alert, I ordered a home Doppler from BabyBeat. It supposed to be delivered today, on one hand I'll be glad to have the reassurance but on the other hand when I can't find the hb I may be even more freaked out. Our 12 week appointment is on January 17th and they're supposed to be calling to schedule my NT scan in the next week or so. 

I'm still so very grateful for this and hoping so hard it all turns out okay.

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