Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We had our 16 weeks appointment this morning and everything continues to be going well so far. Baby's heartrate was good and strong, around 150. My blood pressure was perfectly normal and I hadn't gained any weight since my last visit, yay for going to the gym. Although after I left the doctor's office I did slink down to Dunkin Donuts for a decaf and two donuts, it was my Valentine's Day treat. Our next appointment is in 4 weeks, I'll be 20 weeks then and we'll have our big anatomy scan (but we still aren't peeking to find out the gender). Hopefully everything will be completely normal and a-okay. My second blood draw with the MFM clinic is next Monday and after that I don't know how long it will take for them to get the results to us, we're hoping and praying for good results on that end. I got the bill from the first visit to the MFM clinic, a whopping $520 (we haven't met our deductible yet). Still cheaper than IF treatments.

Most of my clothing is tightening more and more. I have one pair of jeans left that I can wear and they're barely hanging on. I'm having a hard time finding work clothes, they're either frumpy looking or they're too revealing. I have to dress conservatively for work (skirts/dresses only, elbow length sleeves and higher necklines) and trying to find maternity wear is proving difficult. I've found several really cute casual things, but nothing very appropriate for work. I'm actually ready for warmer weather because at least then I can get away with nice sandals with my outfits and no panty hose (for some reason panty hose is not a big deal).

I can't say that I feel like a 'normal' pregnant person, I still feel like I'm on ultra-high alert for problems and complications. After you've been through so much and for so long, you become afraid of getting too comfortable. You almost have to protect yourself from your own feelings, if that makes sense. Sometimes it's just hard to believe that something good, something you've wanted for so incredibly long is finally happening. The other day I was driving home from work and I felt so overwhelmed with emotion, so grateful and happy to finally be pregnant. I'm also still thinking about all the other IF bloggers out there who are still struggling and hoping for a successful cycle and a take-home baby.

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